Sunday, March 16, 2008


By Cernig

I try not to use profanity on the blog too often, even though I'm a big fan of the f-word. As my countryman Billy Connelly says, it's very direct. No-one ever wrote in a book "'fuck off', he hinted." Profanity definitely has its place, especially in devastating snark, and I guess it's OK if quoted...

So over to John Cole.
The NY Times has nine op-eds to mark the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Because I care about you all, I will simplify these op-eds into one sentence or less, each featuring the f-word. You will then be spared the pain of reading them.

Paul Bremer: “We fucked up, but it wasn’t my fault and I think Bush kinda fixed things last year.”

Richard Perle- “Things went great until those pussies at the State Department fucked up trying to fix what we bombed.”

Anne-Marie Slaugher: “This undertaking was fucked from the beginning.”

Kenneth M. Pollack- “If you think we are fucked right now, wait until you see what happens if we try to leave.”

Danielle Pletka- “The anti-war left was right about everything, but I still fucking hate them and will use this column to trash them.”

Nathaniel Flick- “Our fuck-ups can all be traced back to the fear we would be slimed.”

Major General Paul D. Eaton- “The sycophantic Republican Congress has fucked the military for a long time coming.”

Fred Kagan- “I love my fucking pompoms, and am currently applying for the job of Chief Assistant Fluffer for General Petraeus.”

Anthony Cordesman- “Bush/Cheney- Worst fucking administration EVAH.”

If you think I am exaggerating, read these for yourself.
See what I mean? All the punditry you need on nine whole op-eds. Well done, John.

(Hat tip - Kat again)

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