Friday, March 07, 2008

Rezko and Obama - much ado about nothing

By Libby

I didn't pay much attention to this story. It struck me as one of those overblown media feeding frenzies from the beginning. In terms of any misconduct by Obama, as the 'story' unfolds, it's clear that there's simply no 'there' there. However, I ran across this item this morning that suggests the case as a whole may end up tarring everybody in sight, including Clinton.
Since the name of Chicago defendant Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko has come up in national debate, it seems fair to look at donations from other defendants in Chicago’s “Operation Board Games.”

Of the other five defendants, three have donated to the Clintons or to Clinton supporters, three have donated mostly to Republicans, and at least two have donated to Obama’s political opponents. None have donated to Obama.
This is the famed Chicago political machine folks. They wrote the book on dirty politics in that city. Plenty of grist for the rumor mill for all, on both sides of the fence. Before this is over, I have a feeling both parties are going to wish that they never heard the name Rezko.

The bottom line is there is not a shred of evidence of misconduct on Obama's part. This is just another empty narrative built on rumor and innuendo, as Glenn points out, eerily reminiscent of Whitewater. You would think that Hillary, having lived through that would have restrained herself from making Rezko a central part of her smear campaign. It's rather disappointing that she didn't.

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