Sunday, March 02, 2008

Prediction: Obama Will Win In Texas

By Cernig

I think Obama's going to win the Texas primary, for no other reason than that his campaign has worked harder.

This is all anecdotal, I know, but in the last couple of weeks I've seen one Clinton ad on TV and we've had no calls from the Clinton campaign. In the same period I've seen Obama ads a half dozen times and our household has recieved almost a score of phone calls from his campaign. Not just robocalls, but on three occassions actual volunteers. I had a great converstaion with one guy who wasn't at all a part of some Obama cult - he was just very aware that for all Obama's flaws it's a choice between him, Clinton's dirty campaigning, and McCain's Bush redux act.

Clinton seems to have relied on her husband's historic support among Hispanic voters down here in the SouthWest of the state - but they've noticed the disparity in campaign activity too. I've spoken to several Hispanics who aren't too happy about being "taken for granted" by the Clintons.

There's no doubt in my mind that Clinton's smear campaign doesn't speak well to how she might act on a world stage from the White House. But, I think that taking for granted and neglecting her base support also speaks volumes about the kind of President Hillary Clinton might be. Sitting in the Oval Office has never magically transformed anyone into a paragon of virtue.

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