Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's 3:00am, don't you wish it was over already?

By Libby

Well, I'm not a highly paid campaign consultant but I would think if you were going to run a scare ad attacking your opponent's judgement and promoting your own superior ability to deal with unexpected crises, that your media spokesmen might be a little better prepared than this for what should have been an expected question like -- so what crisis has your candidate responded to lately? I mean, call me hard to please but I don't find the fact that she went to a pre-scheduled speech in Beijing and told the Chinese that women's rights are the same as human rights all that compelling. Neither do I find it particularly reassuring that the scripting for the ad comes straight out of Rove's politics of fear playbook and an round of endorsements by the military brass that helped create this disastrous occupation is a minus, not a plus.

In case you've been off-line for the last couple of days, Clinton's attack ad and Obama's response ad are here. From where I sit, it looks like Obama won this round rather handily.

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