Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tracking the superdelegates

By Libby

I didn't sleep well last night and I'm thoroughly uninspired this morning so thanks to our reliable researcher Kat for this link to the Superdelegate Transparency Project.
The Superdelegate Transparency Project is the central gathering place for compiling primary and caucus results--Congressional district by Congressional district--for states that have to date held their races, and going forward until the Democratic nomination is secured. We are compiling the district-by-district results of the popular vote and pledged delegates, and then tracking these results against how superdelegates are currently pledged (or have publicly endorsed a candidate), and how they eventually vote. The aim of this project is to open up the Democratic nomination process, and to gauge what effect the superdelegates have on the nomination. Rather than hypotheticals at the end of this nomination process, we seek to make hard data available to all interested parties, including citizens, activists, journalists, bloggers, campaign staffers and people around the world who are following this U.S. election. This is the only project currently tracking this data at the district level.
You have to click through a couple of levels to get to the stats. I found the pledged delegates in my old home state pretty interesting, having recognized the majority of them. The old guard party loyalists are solidly Clinton with the exception of the Kennedys who have thrown in with Gov. Deval Patrick to declare for Obama. I'm wondering what's up with that alliance. Patrick is about as close to an 'outsider' as you'll find in the Commonwealth but it's rather unusual to see Teddy buck the local machine.

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