Monday, February 25, 2008

They Wouldn't Have To If They Were Clean

By Cernig

From The Politico - "GOP fears charges of racism, sexism"
Top Republican strategists are working on plans to protect the GOP from charges of racism or sexism in the general election, as they prepare for a presidential campaign against the first ever African-American or female Democratic nominee.
If they didn't do it, they wouldn't have to worry about it. There, that's clear enough, right? (Hey Bill, are you listening too?)

But no - what the GOP means is that they're trying to figure out what codes they can use and exactly how far they can sail to the edge while still preserving a modicum of plausible deniability.

They've already worked out what the code words are for being an unreconstructed racist misogynist who doesn't know which side of the line is which - it's to be called "undisciplined messaging".

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