Saturday, February 23, 2008

Secret Service slack on Obama security

By Libby

When I first read about this yesterday my first thought was about those three people who got kicked out of a Bush rally for having a innocuous bumper sticker on their car. Didn't it say something like "No blood for oil?" It seems hard to believe the same agency can blithely discount concerns about their failure to provide adequate screening for Obama's rallies.

To have it happen in Dallas, obviously also brings to mind the Kennedy assassination but what's more troubling is that this has commonly occurred all over the country. I assume the taxpayer is footing the bill for this sham security and what's the point of screening at all if they allow thousands to enter at the last minute without even a cursory check?

I find it particularly unnerving that this comes on the heels of a growing murmur of speculation that Obama poses an attractive target for an assassination attempt. I, for one, would be curious to know if this security scam is also the policy for all the candidates or if for some reason, Obama is only one whose rallies are inadequately unsecured. Seems to me they have more stringent security at a ball game than this. I don't see any possible justification for it.

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