Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saying *anything*

by shamanic

These people seem incapable of even listening to their own frothy-mouthed ramblings. They just can't even hear what they're saying.

Adding that Jack Kingston, if memory serves, was the sniveler who lashed at out the new Democratic majority last year when they had the audacity to implement a five day work week for congress. If I recall correctly, he whined that causing the people's representatives to actually work on a schedule like the people themselves do proved that Democrats don't believe in family values.

Really, in Jack Kingston's world, whatever the principle is, Democrats, by definition, violate it. Whatever the principle is. I'm sure he believes that Obama also performs abortions on his campaign bus, and clones human beings in a secret lab in some ghetto in Chicago. Then he gets them hooked on crack and buys them nice houses in good neighborhoods where they can unleash the hell of their blackness in the lily-white suburbs of Jack Kingston's imagination. It must be terrible to be Jack Kingston.

Jack Kingston is from my state, though happily not from my district. It's a very sad state of affairs that my neighbors to the southeast have to be represented by someone so mentally unbalanced.

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