Friday, February 15, 2008

Leftover links

By Libby

With everyone caught up in primary madness, these stories fell under the radar in the last couple of days. They don't necessarily require a lot of comment but they deserve wider attention.

Avedon catches a good bill that hasn't received enough notice.
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is backing Webb's GI Bill, based on the old WWII bill. It would probably do more than anything currently proposed for the economy. Has your Senator signed on as a co-sponsor of S22? John McCain hasn't. I think Hillary and Obama should mention this, don't you?
Sounds like a good idea to me. She also put me on to this must read for anyone who drinks 'diet' soda. I was hooked on that stuff once. It really is not good for you.

Speaking of health, this story fell through the cracks too quickly. Busting the myths on the Canadian national health care program is one for the archives. I'm certain it will come in handy for future debates on a single payer program for us. [via]

Finally, this is what happens when you decimate your public safety agencies for the corporate welfare and let industry self-enforce the standards. Preventable disasters.

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