Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary rules out losing

By Libby

I actually think Hillary's new website geared to changing the primary rules is a great idea. I'm all for it. Our present system is an archaic, convoluted mess that no longer serves the needs of the party or the people. It needs a major overhaul. I think we need more uniform rules and a more equitable calendar so all states get a chance to come into play.

I do have this little problem with her timing though. A challenge before the primaries started, or a call for a big revamp after November would have impressed me greatly. Maybe enough to have endorsed her. This attempt to change the rules for this election, in mid-stream, to benefit only her own interests, impresses me as nothing more than crass opportunism.

If there's an argument to be made for this strategy, I don't see it. She might as well put up a neon sign that says "I cheat to win" because that's how it will be perceived by the general electorate.

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