Monday, February 18, 2008

Deval Patrick & Barack Obama Plagiarize James Madison

by shamanic

I think it's a huge stretch to call this plagiarism. But then again, I've written similar blog posts citing the same lines here at Newshoggers making the same point without being aware of either of these speeches. And I didn't hear Deval Patrick credit James Madison or FDR or King, so it appears that the governor of Massachusetts, in October 2006, plagiarized some of the leading lights of American history by using their words without credit.

Later, Barack Obama used some of the same lines, also without credit, in February 2008, apparently making him a plagiarist of Madison, FDR, and the governor of Massachusetts. Shameful, shameful.

Actually an ex of mine recently told me that things I said were "just words". It's been a few weeks, but I doubt that will lessen the sting significantly now that I finally have a good comeback: "How dare you plagiarize Deval Patrick!" Dude, it took a while, but I'm totally gonna win that fight.

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