Friday, February 01, 2008

Debate thoughts?

by shamanic

I was out "networking" last night, which appears to have paid off since I have a client meeting today for some freelance corporate copywriting, or as I like to think of it these days, my bread and butter. Actually, that suggests that I'm presently living without much in the way of bread and/or butter, which is true, but the client I picked up last night should help with that situation a bit, and if I do a great job, which is always my goal, she'll help over the long haul.

Anyway, since I was being a responsible small business person, I did not see the debate last night, though I heard from a friend that it was really, really good. And honestly, how often does someone say, "Man, that debate tonight was really good!"?

Did you see it? What were your thoughts? And what questions or discussions meant the most to you? Has Andrew Sullivan, announcing that Obama "won the primary election" last night, become completely detached from reality?

Actually, I know the answer to the last question, but please, feel free to pile on.

Sidenote: Rainy mornings are depressing, and telling myself for the hundredth time that we really, really need the rain doesn't bring quite the same solace that it did when it hadn't rained for two months. Now it rains (or snows) every third day. I'm grateful and depressed all at once. Dude, I feel like I'm living in Seattle without the Pacific Ocean and awesome scenery.

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