Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clinton Accuses Obama Of Campaigning Like Rove

By Cernig

Accusing the Obama campaign of using tactics “that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” Senator Hillary Clinton angrily denounced Senator Barack Obama on Saturday for sending flyers to Ohio voters that she called misleading and false.
“Shame on you, Barack Obama,” Mrs. Clinton said at a news conference after a morning rally, holding the flyers and shaking them in the air as she spoke. “It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That’s what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio. Let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign.”

The flyers were handed to Mrs. Clinton by a woman who attended the rally and then approached her on the rope line after Mrs. Clinton’s speech.

It was not the first time the Clinton campaign has seen the flyer, which cites an article from Newsday that says Mrs. Clinton believed Nafta was a “boon” to the economy. Mrs. Clinton said the newspaper has since corrected the article. (Reporters from Newsday responded on its Web site last week, stopping short of a correction, but saying that “Obama’s use of the citation in this way does strike us as misleading.”)

“Time and time again, you hear one thing in speeches and then you see a campaign that has the worst kind of tactics, reminiscent of the same sort of Republican attacks on Democrats,” Mrs. Clinton said.
Lets see...the Clinton campaign have tried to make hay out of accusations that Obama's a terror-symp and that Obama's a plagiarist - never mind that Mrs Clinton has also "plagiarised" and met former terrorists. And now Clinton is comparing Obama to Dubya, despite a Clinton spokesperson last year saying it was “the worst kind of tactical political maneuvering” for one Democrat to compare another to Bush.
In her rally speech, Clinton touted her own experience and obliquely compared Obama’s to Bush’s when he first ran for president in 2000.

She said Bush “promised change as a compassionate conservative and the American people got shafted and we’re going to have to make up for it,” she said. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
Not to condone Obama's campaign if he's using slanted quotes - but that's a huge dose of "pot meets kettle" to swallow from the Clinton campaign.

Will they both please just cut it the f**k out?! But especially Clinton. I'm one of those who would be most sceptical of Obama's experience and his Blair-style "all the people all the time" rhetoric if she'd just give me room to do so. But every time her campaign indulges in another outrageous Republican-class smear, I end up defending Obama by proxy just by pointing out how ridiculously hypocritical she's being. Sheesh.

Update More from Joe Gandelman.

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