Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chris Matthews an embarrassment to puerile pundits - Updated

By Libby

I'm surprised this truncated video isn't getting more buzz today among the right wing. Maybe I'm not the only one who saw it live. The abbreviated footage doesn't really do justice to Matthew's vapidity. When they publish the illustrated dictionary of pompous punditry, Chris Matthews' mugshot will be right there next to vacuous.

This was election night coverage, not his insipid show and mere courtesy would dictate that the anchor allow the guest to speak. Matthews was nauseatingly pleased with himself for hitting below the belt with a cheap shot, gotcha question. His petulant insistence that Watson had to answer his question said more about Tweety's massive ego than Obama's accomplishments.

So the guy wasn't prepared with a list. Who would be? Customarily this sort of post-victory interview is an opportunity for the winning team to talk up their guy. And who hasn't suffered a moment of blankout like that when confronted with an unexpected and entirely inappropriate question? I understand Obama supporters were able to flood the comment sections at YouTube with the answer as soon as it was posted.

For those who didn't catch it live, when the 'interview' was over, the camera cut back to the studio where his Twittiness was anchoring with Keith Olbermann. When KO asked him to name one accomplishment of any Senator, Tweety couldn't answer that either. Wouldn't you think such a wise and learned pundit would have that information right at his fingertips? He mumbled something about well, that's why they call it Hardball.

As KO politely pointed out, this wasn't a Hardball segment. It was supposed to be election night coverage. Apparently, for Matthews, the venue has no relevance because everything is about him. Disgraceful.

Update: Ah, you can always depend on Crooks and Liars to deliver. Via Zifnab at John Cole's place, KO's takedown of Tweety. And working my way down the comment section, via Jeff Eaton, I see Hilzoy has a darn long list of what Obama has done.

Update two: Mr. Watson explains.
In the meantime, let’s not lose focus on what’s important in this election. It’s not my stunning televised defeat in “Stump the Chump.” Thankfully, it has nothing at all to do with me.

What’s important is the direction our country is headed. What’s important are the priorities, methods, and, yes, accomplishments of those seeking the highest office in the country.
Good to remember.

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