Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush signing statement negates will of the people -- again

By Libby

This flew under the radar this weekend. You remember that Bush made a big stink over the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act saying it would open up the Iraq government to punative lawsuits. I don't know why he bothered to bring it up. He could have just included the provision along with the others he's decided to ignore by sneakily issuing a signing statement.
One such provision sets up a commission to probe contracting fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another expands protections for whistleblowers who work for government contractors. A third requires that U.S. intelligence agencies promptly respond to congressional requests for documents. And a fourth bars funding for permanent bases in Iraq and for any action that exercises U.S. control over Iraq’s oil money.

In his “Memorandum of Justification” for the waiver, Bush cited his Nov. 26 “Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship” between Iraq and the United States. This agreement has been aggressively opposed by both Republicans and Democrats in Congress as not only unprecedented, but also potentially unconstitutional because it was enacted without the agreement of the legislation branch.
My compatriot Fogg nailed the crux of that agreement a few days ago.
George Bush's rhetoric is still all about freedom in Iraq and that means the freedom of George Bush to do what he pleases with Iraqis with impunity and immunity from any of the silly laws they pass under the false impression that they are free.
That could also describe the Commander Guy's true attitude about our country. But perhaps this picture sums up the Bush Doctrine and indeed his whole administration most succinctly.

And why do you suppose the Deciderer objects to fraud investigations, whistleblower protections and production of documents so strenuously as to override the rule of law enacted by the people? Do you suppose it has anything to do with this massive fraud?

This is what I mean when I say he can still do a lot of damage in the next 12 months. What's the point of spending all this time and effort to pass legislation when Bush will ignore whatever he doesn't like? The only way to stop him, or at least slow him down, is to start impeachment proceedings immediately.

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