Friday, December 07, 2007

O'Reilly - Lefty Blog Readers "Devil Worshippers"

By Cernig

Can someone at FAUXNews get Bill some different meds? he's developed a tolerance to his current ones (with vid!).
On Fox News yesterday, Bill O’Reilly let loose on “far-left websites” like DailyKos, stating, “If you read these far-left websites, you’re a devil worshipper. You are.” O’Reilly’s ombudsman responded, “As a journalist, you know better than that.” O’Reilly shot back: “Satan is running the DailyKos. Yes, he is!”... At the end of the segment, O’Reilly said, “That was a little satire there…don’t get too upset about it.” But he then added, “I still think they are satanists.”
Mitt Romney is expected to agree that, yes, you are all Satanists at any moment.

We've all been outed, the jig is up. So here's a photo of Markos Satan Himself, taken at YearlyKos, you can print out and put on your Satanic altars.

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