Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let There Be No-Brainer Light

By Cernig

I saw a report from Iraq recently in which a military type explained how they'd brought solar-powered streetlighting to a major town because it was a "no-brainer" given Iraq's large natural reserve of sunshine and the poor quality of the electrical grid. It saves generated power in barrel-loads, cuts oil dependency and it's also environmentally friendly. I think the town was Fallujah - if someone could remember where I saw this and provide a link I'd be greatful because I've entirely forgotten.

But, if it's such a no-brainer, why isn't it being done in Texas, Arizona, Florida, California etc?

It's surely doubtful that there's some technical reason why what's done in Fallujah can't be done in Tucson. Is it just about utility company profits - more corporate welfare? Or is it that the no-brainers in charge haven't heard of this no-brainer idea yet?

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