Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dems bow to Bush bullying - again

By Libby

Bloody cowards. Forget all the brave bellowing of the past few weeks about holding a hard line. Once again, vacation plans trump the business of the people and the useless Democratic 'leadership' is caving on everything. Bush has stamped his little foot, and instead of sending his room without his dinner, they're going to buy him a bunch of new toys. The Senate is set to capitulate to the White House on pretty much everything from stringless Iraq funding to taxes to domestic spending.

And this has to be the understatement of the year.

"The base will not be happy," said one senior Democratic aide, who requested anonymity to candidly discuss budget negotiations that have not been completed.

Cue the helpless handwringing.
Privately, Democrats say they have little choice but to give the president at least some war funding because Senate Republicans have vowed to block any final budget deal unless it has at least some of the war funding Bush has requested.

Maybe they forgot they own the podium now? Let the Republicans block good bills and then use your damn megaphone to make sure everyone knows what they're doing. The GOP has blocked every single reform and managed to make the Democrats look like the villans because they won't stand up to them.

Glenn rounds up the demeaning headlines and this is the meme that is going to planted even more firmly in the voters minds. How pathetic is it that the Democrats see their only strategy as living down to the GOP's talking points?

Creature thinks we should send them to Disneyworld. Hell, they may as well move their base of operations there. What more fitting venue for a party that indulges in such Mickey Mouse politics?

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