Sunday, December 02, 2007

Chavez, Putin and the American Right

By Cernig

I'm wondering why so much ink, eletronic or otherwise, is being spilled writing about Chavez, who may have succeeded in getting his "reforms" pushed through by a thin margin and who heads a small nation which is no threat to the U.S.

Compare it with the relative dearth of outrage from American conservatives at Putin's outrageous vote-rigging which has delivered a massive 60% approval for what will certainly become a decision to make him "national leader" for life. Yet Putin heads a behemoth (still) of a nation with an actual, real, nuke-armed military and resources that far outstrip those Chavez can hope to command.

Is it about hating socialists (Putin is no socialist, or communist) so much or is it about quietly looking the other way lest conservatives inadvertently call into question Bush's ability to see a man's soul in his eyes?

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