Thursday, November 08, 2007

Warmongers fear success

By Libby

The usual suspects seem to be all aglow over this latest announcement that AQ in Iraq has been vanquished from Baghdad. I could have sworn they told us that already a couple of weeks ago, but hey, I'm always up for a reason to pop the champagne corks. Cool. Let's celebrate. Life is great. Mission accomplished. Forget the caveats. The surge worked and now we have a good reason to do what we had to do anyway. Draw down troops because we're simply running out of warm bodies to send there. Anything that brings troops home is a-okay with me.

What I'm really sick and tired of though, is this perpetual whining about how occupation opponents want the mission to fail. It's not only false but it's silly. Our position has already been validated years ago. Everything we predicted came true. It's the pro-occupation keyboardists who have something to prove and everything to lose. Seems to me it's the warmongers, who while they may not cheering for failure, are the most afraid of winning. Victory would mean the end of the 'war' and unless the occupation continues -- they've got nothing.

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