Sunday, November 25, 2007

The war of the posters

By Libby

The HuffPo has a new project to help out the Democrats. Posterizing the GOP. They're developing a series of posters with lists of bolded names, slogans and events associated with the GOP, with a tag line saying, Had enough? It's rather clever and everyone's invited to participate by suggesting additions.

Michelle Malkin, in a fit of creativity, immediately stole the idea and started her own poster contest. Her malleable minions leapt to comply, most of them also ripping off the concept. It's most interesting to see how they worked the theme. It says a lot about the paucity of their defenses.

Where the HuffPo versions use names and events directly connected the major players and policies of the regime, and related events, the fringers use private citizens far removed from power whose transgressions were using their constitutional freedom to dissent. Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Code Pink and their personal boogeyman George Soros appear prominently. But I was especially fond of the one that listed every major fringenut with a microphone, including of course Michelle. I'm tempted to steal that one myself and changing the tagline to: Tired of the hate? Try [add your favorite website here] and posting it in internet cafes.

Where the HuffPo uses slogans actually used by the White House to perpetrate their propaganda, the Malkin minions use mostly the slogans they invented themselves to mock the Democrats. Again, if you change the tagline to: Tired of fake slogans.... and you got yourself a left wing poster.

The events ripoff was the most pathetic. They were reduced to using such events as the Gulf of Tonkin. New tagline: Tired of living in the past? Read ___ and see your future.

Sadly, I doubt they realize their vacuity.

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