Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MSNBC - right track, wrong conductor

By Libby

MSNBC is on the right track in thinking that there's a market for a liberal POV on the talking head programs but Rosie O'Donnell on prime time? They should think again before spending gagillions on signing such a contentious celebrity. She's not widely loved by the left and besides she's a stand up comic, not a political pundit. I have to admit I never watched The View but I get the impression from what I've read that she's sort of a Don Imus type personality. I don't think this is the sort of commentary that liberals are looking for. There's a huge pool of politically savvy talent out there and any one of them would be a better choice. Rachel Maddow, for instance, seems to be springing in many minds.

But the idea of increasing their liberal leaning content is sound and the success of such programming might explode the myth once and for all that the overwhelming bias towards conservative fringenuts on the radio is market driven rather than a reflection of the ideology and preferences of the owners of media conglomerates like Clear Channel who don't allow liberal programming into decent time slots.

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