Friday, October 05, 2007

The vapid political statement of the day

by shamanic

So finally, a politician has grown some balls and told a reporter that the shallow symbolism of a lapel pin is no substitute for actual patriotism.

That's politician's name is Barack Obama, so the usual cheerleaders of manliness pounced. My favorite quote in the AP report, without a doubt, is Sean Hannity's: "Why do we wear pins? Because our country is under attack!"

He really could have continued with a tirade like this: Duh! And that pin'll teach those baddy terrorists! Gosh darn it! I'm a patriot! Just because I push disastrous and divisive policy choices in an unending quest to keep my political party in power for it's own sake doesn't mean I don't love America more than you do! I have a frigging show called Hannity's America! But just in case that doesn't resolve any lingering questions about my love of money vs. my love of country, I wear the damn pin!

Other thoughts: Rick Moran goes to town on the left's sense of superiority on the topic of outward displays of patriotism. Since Obama's lack of a flag pin will now be used as a hammer to chip away notions that he loves his country, I wish that Moran had mentioned these lines from the article:
Obama is not alone in not wearing the Stars and Stripes pin.

Most of the candidates do not wear them.

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