Thursday, October 18, 2007

US border fence made in China

By Libby

You can't make this stuff folks. I think the US-Mexico border fence is one of most boneheaded wastes of tax dollars the government has ever foisted off on us but to add insult to injury, they used Chinese steel to build it.

“By allowing the use of Chinese pipe [a type of steel], DHS is allowing the U.S. taxpayer to subsidize Chinese production at the expense of the American workers,” Rep. Phil English (R-Pa.) said at a press conference. “This is completely unacceptable.”

English displayed photos of a portion of the border fence from San Luis, Ariz., that shows pipes marked “China” holding the border fence in place. He said DHS’s Office of Congressional Affairs had indicated it had waived the so-called Buy American rules in order to use the Chinese pipe and tube. The rules normally require the use of U.S. steel in such projects.

Wouldn't you think our chest thumping "patriots" would have bought US steel just on principle? Last I looked the industry wasn't exactly thriving. But who knows, maybe the incompetent fools in charge were hoping the illegal immigrants who are going to be breaching the fence would be fooled into thinking they had tunneled too far when they see China written on the steel and will simply turn around and go home.

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