Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ron Paul's grassroots problem

By Libby

Paul has the most enthusiastic supporters in the race. I can appreciate their energy and motivation and for the most part I've found them to be articulate and reasonable people. But word up, your man is being perceived as the kook candidate because of an overzealous fringe group and it's hurting his candidacy. Take for instance, what happened right here on Newshoggers yesterday, at Cernig's excellent post on Obama's nuke speech. This comment appeared almost instantaneously.

There is a very active discussion thread now taking place at [a website] "Would you vote for Ron Paul?" and NO RP bloggers are in it. PLEASE consider going over there to answer questions and spread the word. If you're not a member, registration is quick, easy and free. Once your in click Discussion top of front page then look for thread.


This is spam Alan. It pisses me off and it leaves me feeling uninclined to post about Ron Paul at all.

I'm one of the few bloggers that has been willing to treat Ron Paul as a credible candidate but I often hesitate to post anything about him precisely because it seems to draw spammers and that element of impolite zealots spoiling for a fight. You do your candidate no favors with this approach.

So let's get this straight. The Newshoggers team has agreed that we will not endorse any candidate -- ever. Neither am I personally endorsing Ron Paul. I've been treating his run as legitimate because I think he has a message worth listening to and I believe he can be a factor in this race if he manages to stay in. But I have no vested interest in his success and if my posts attract irritating responses, I'll simply stop posting about him.

Ron Paul supporters, police yourselves. If you want your man to have a fighting chance, you need to marginalize those among you who are casting him in a bad light. This apparently small group reflects badly on all of you.

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