Friday, October 19, 2007

Reid's dirty deeds

By Libby

Chris Dodd stood up to defend the constitution and the rule of law yesterday and Harry "Dirty Tricks" Reid kicked him to the curb by refusing to honor Dodd's hold. I don't think it could be any clearer that Reid needs to go. The hapless putz has been whining since he took the leadership about how the GOP is blocking progress, and blathering about the impossibility of overcoming the immutable 60 vote blockade and then when Dodd steps in to show him how it's done, he slaps one of his own in the face? He's allowed the GOP to hold up bills with the very same procedure. It's beyond inexcusable. Harry's loyalties are painfully apparent. He's firmly lodged in the deep pockets of his corporate benefactors.

It's somewhat heartening to see at least some of the Democrats are not falling in line behind their craven "leader" and are at least expressing dissent. But as we all know, talk is cheap and we'll see where they are when it comes to the votes -- which so far has been pretty much nowhere.

Menawhile, is it too much to ask the so-called liberal press to do their freaking job? The WaPo cheerfully offers up this bit of disinformation in their coverage.

It would further give some telecommunications companies immunity from about 40 pending lawsuits that charge them with violating Americans' privacy and constitutional rights by aiding a Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program instituted after September 2001. That provision is a key concession to the administration and companies, which lobbied heavily for the provision.

You would have to deaf, dumb and blind to have missed the revelations this week that the program started before 9/11. I don't see how the "reporters" have the nerve to put their by-line on this crapola. They might as well show at least a modicum of honesty and credit Dana Perino for dictating their stenography.

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