Thursday, October 25, 2007

Questions and answers

By Libby

Kevin Drum asks a question.
When we blogosphere types complain about this weak-kneed attitude, are we complaining because (a) we think the centrists are wrong; they could keep their seats in marginal districts even if they toed the progressive line on national security issues. Or (b) because we don't care; they should do the right thing even if it means losing next November?

I think the obvious answer is, what is the point of having a Democratic majority in name only? If they have a "D" after their name but vote with the GOP anyway, it hurts the Democrats more in that the perception of the average Jake is then that the Dems can't get anything passed. I'm with Avedon on this. If they need to vote like Republicans to keep their seats then let them run as Republicans and let's get some real progressive Democrats to run against them. Even if we lose the seat, at least the message gets out and we redefine the image of the party.

Meanwhile, Atrios wants to know why us 60s types can't let go of the past. My answer is, as trite as it sounds, it's true when they say you had to be there. It's not easily articulated in a few words but I don't think it's so much that we old hippies view everything through a prism of the 60s, as much we weigh the present day against what we had then and nurse some sense of regret and sorrow for the next generations who will never really understand what was lost, because they will never get to experience the same freedom we had -- just to be.

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