Thursday, October 25, 2007

Only a problem if Soros does it

By Libby

It's long been apparent that Bush's corporate welfare boondoogle, a/k/a Medicare reform, was little more than a back door avenue for payola to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. A fact which has been studiously ignored by the fringe-wingers who dutifully trumpet the advantages of privatized health insurance on cue from the White House.

But now that they've found a tiny connection to their favorite boogeyman, George Soros, they're willing to criticize the reform policy, led of course by chief chest thumper the deliciously malicious Ms. Malkin. Well, actually she's only willing to criticize Soros. With typical fringenut selective blindness, the massive fraud that permeates the whole Medicare 'reform' scam, one that largely benefits GOP contributors, still seems to escape her.

How unsurprising.

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