Monday, October 15, 2007

Malkin's megaphone shrinks

By Libby

Breaking news. Geraldo won't be able to do any pea-flinging against Michelle Malkin anymore. She just "quit" the O'Reilly factor. According to an intercepted email.

I made the decision to quit appearing on the O’Reilly show in response to the poor handling of the Geraldo Rivera matter (the staged “apology” on The Factor was a complete farce).

Our malicious Ms. M declines to discuss the details but one can make an educated assumption that she made the "choice" to quit rather than suffer the embarrassment of being fired. It's not exactly like her dust-up with Rivera was an isolated or particularly unusual interaction and an attention addict like herself would seem an unlikely candidate to give up a national television slot on principle. It would require that she had some principles to begin with.

You don't suppose this had anything to do with her vicious crusade against the Frosts, do you?

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