Friday, October 05, 2007

Instahoglets October 5, 2007

Reading the news and the blogs you might get the impression that the Bush Administration engages in torture. Well, a cute blond chick swears it doesn’t.
(Literally EVERYONE is highlighting the torture story in similar fashion: the two below are a bit different from the rest)

All Things Democrat—Remember when Washington and Roosevelt had to torture people to ensure the nation’s safety? Yeah, neither do we.

Unbossed--That the CIA is “again” operating “black sites” ignores that they never actually stopped doing so.

Meanwhile in the political realm...

Middle Earth Journal—we all know the GOP has a “problem” with Mexicans. Come the elections, they’ll also have a problem with New Mexicans.

Another Point of View—If you feel like our nation seems to be stumbling around in the dark, it is, but Mentarch has some ideas on finding the light-switch.

He also has some words for “democracy purists” who want to kill the ailing political system in order to cure it.

It's Friday! Have some fun...

BBC--lists the winners of the IgNobel Prizes.

World Gone Mad--has a great video of a young lad doing a terrific Bush impersonation.

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