Sunday, October 14, 2007

DoD claws into domestic surveillance

By Libby

The Pentagon told us TALON was dead, but the lied. It was only sleeping. Jeralyn uncovers the disturbing details.

New documents uncovered as a result of an American Civil Liberties Union and New York Civil Liberties Union lawsuit reveal that the Department of Defense secretly issued hundreds of national security letters (NSLs) to obtain private and sensitive records of people within the United States without court approval. A comprehensive analysis of 455 NSLs issued after 9/11 shows that the Defense Department seems to have collaborated with the FBI to circumvent the law, may have overstepped its legal authority to obtain financial and credit records, provided misleading information to Congress, and silenced NSL recipients from speaking out about the records requests, according to the ACLU.

Just another day in the surveillance society. What's Posse Comitatus anyway but just another goddamned piece of paper?

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