Saturday, September 29, 2007

Signs of strength for Ron Paul

By Libby

Mick Arran at Comments from Left Field sees the yard signs and predicts a primary upset in New Hampshire, with Ron Paul upending the conventional wisdom to come out with a strong showing. Having lived a large part of my adult life in that part of this country, I think he's got it right.

Although the MSM has done all it could to ignore and/or marginalize Paul's candidacy, he's been coming up with respectable showings in all the early results, including besting Guliani and Thompson in the Mackinac straw poll in Michigan this week. New Hampshire is a small enough state where a true grassroots effort could really take root and no one has a more enthusiastic group of supporters.

The professional pundits ignore the cranky Yankee factor, but it's not a phenomen to be taken lightly. They don't come any crankier or independent than they do in New Hampshire and I think we'll see the first signs of what I predicted back in early 05. The electorate is sick to death of politics as usual and Ron Paul, whatever else one can say about him, is not your usual politician. He shoots straight and he stands on principle. That will resonate well in the Granite State.

To tell you the truth, I've withheld my support for him because his stand on domestic social policies horrifies me, but if by some chance the choice came down to Ron Paul or Hillary -- I would seriously consider voting for Paul. At least he wants to end both the Iraq folly and the war on some drugs, not perpetrate them and he supports individual rights. That counts for a lot with me.

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