Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No way out of Green Zone

By Libby

Oh good. How nice to see how well we're "preventing chaos and providing hope" in Iraq. The latest evidence of a return to ordinary life in Baghdad.
The United States on Tuesday suspended all land travel by U.S. diplomats and other civilian officials throughout Iraq except in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone following a weekend incident involving private security guards in which a number of Iraqi civilians were killed. [...]

“This suspension is in effect in order to assess mission security and procedures, as well as a possible increased threat to personnel traveling with security details outside the International Zone,” said the notice, a copy of which was provided to The Associated Press by the State Department.
Sadly, this is ordinary life in Baghdad for most people.

The article goes on to say that Maliki is softening his rhetoric about Blackwater but Sadr is ratcheting his up. I'm getting the feeling this may really be an actual turning point in the occupation; one that nobody expected. And I'm predicting this will not restore confidence in the Iraq bond market.

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