Friday, September 07, 2007

Paving the road to inevitable

By Libby

The administration keeps floating this idea that they're "considering" small drawdowns of troops in the spring as if they have a choice. Anyone who is paying a modicum of attention knows we've maxed out our troops. Short of a restoration of the draft or another extension of tours, no matter what anyone does or says now, troops will be trickling home in the spring.

Even our Saint of the Surge admits as much to the foreign press. [Video]
General David Petraeus said there is only so much his troops can do in Iraq. He said the surge has will run its course. There are limits to what the military can provide, so his recommendations have to be informed by, not driven by, but they have to be informed by the strain we have put on the military services.

The General declined to be specific about his recommendations, but agreed that troop cuts could start around March.

This is so obviously just laying the groundwork so they don't have to admit the surge has failed to meet it's stated mission to facilitate political reconcilation and provide meaningful security for the Iraqi people. And how's that winning hearts and minds prong of the plan going anyway?

Apparently, not that well.

They call it progress but it doesn't look that different from any day in the last five years to me.

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