Monday, September 17, 2007

Patriots-Chargers Punch Post

I got to watch most of the 2nd quarter and all of the 2nd half of the Patriots-Chargers game last night, and I thought this was exactly the game the Patriots needed to play in order to quiet the media shit-storm over their signal stealing and advanced scouting practices. I need to get a bunch of other things done right now, so here is a quick punch post:

  • * Tom Brady to Randy Moss is just not fair ---- this week the Patriots were using him for more underneath work and since the corners had to play with respect for the threat of the deep ball, the shorter routes and crossing patterns were there all night.

  • * The last touchdown was an exclamation point and an F-U to the league as the Patriots and Bellicheck were stating that they could get the same exact score with or without a videographer.

  • * The second half saw Antonio Gates get his catches and his TD, but at that point with an initial 24 point lead, the Patriots were more than willing to trade points for time.

  • * I was surprised that Adelius Thomas was not matched up against Gates for more of the game as I thought the signing of Thomas was partially for the anti-TE stretching the field role. Instead the Pats were bumping him at the line and then releasing a DB to contain him downfield.

  • * Both Maroney and Moss looked like they were jogging on many players but somehow they are ending up with great gains. The zone blocking scheme of the Pats creates a new line of scrimmage four or five yards downfield.

  • * Both 3rd quarter pass interference calls were good calls by the ref --- in each case the corner had a good hook on the outside arm of the receiver denying the receiver a fair chance at closing his grasp.

  • * The scary thing about the Pat's defense is that they are still short two high quality starters :)

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