Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Larry Klayman, the zombie lawyer who just won't die!

by shamanic

Once upon a time, there was a president whose personal life was kind of a wreck but who believed in good government principles just the same. He shrunk the size of the bureaucracy, ended welfare as we know it, and balanced the federal budget for the first time in decades.

For his efforts, he was hounded relentlessly during his time in office by dozens of lawyers playing an elongated game of "gotcha". One of them, a gentleman named Larry Klayman, made up for a lack of evidence and relevance with his mastery of the self-promotion game.

And now, he's suing the Republican "Freedom's Watch" group, devised by senior GOP operatives to stand against the mighty MoveOn.org!

You see, what had happened was... Klayman was watching television one day and he saw an episode of The West Wing where the show's writers had created a fictional group called Freedom Watch, modeled after Klayman's real-life Judicial Watch. So he incorporated Freedom Watch to do direct marketing - or however it is that he earns his living - and went about his sorry existence of suing prominent people he doesn't like.

Enter a bunch of retired White House staffers and other ultra-rich Republicans with a serious partisan agenda. They decide that the answer to MoveOn, a grassroots development if ever there was one, is to pool their personal fortunes and buy ads that highlight the great success that Iraq has become. They call their little group Freedom's Watch, thus triggering, yes, a lawsuit from Larry Klayman.

My favorite quote in the Post's short write up is from Freedom's Watch spokesman (and man who lacks a last name) Matt David: "It shouldn't surprise anyone that Larry Klayman is filing another lawsuit with absolutely no validity." THANK YOU! I've been thinking exactly that for years.

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