Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The (Josh) Marshall Plan

By Cernig

Columbia Journalism Review today has a long article on Josh Marshall and his Talking Points Memo family of websites. It's an in-depth look at the TPM folks and their operation which is going to be a must-read for fellow bloggers and fans of TPM.

It's a matter of "what everyone knows" over in Right Blogistan that all progressive bloggers want to be Kossacks. But give the Newshoggers writers a choice of the one blog they could read on a desert island, and I for one would be far more inclined to pick TPM than Daily Kos, to pick Josh over Markos.

TPM's mix of online journalism, healthy respect for source linking and sheer professionalism are all mixed with the kind of passionate belief in what they write that I like to read. I don't think I manage it (yet) but I try to bring a similiar mix to what I post.

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