Thursday, September 06, 2007

Instahoglets Setember 6th 2007

By 5th Estate

Summing up much of today’s blogosphere (trademark:Skippy) in one sentence, it seems Fred Thompson is listening to some old Pavorotti recordings as he waits for General Petreaus to tell him he can bomb Iran—or something like that.

So here’s what I found in the ranks of the Newshogger blogroll today that aren’t the same-old same-old:

Empty Corner--reports that Riverbend is back and blogging (has the link). That's big news!.

Poliblog--Dr. Taylor provides the perfect explanation as to why Bush’s “ass-kicking” Iraq “policy” will never work. It's all practically all you need for your next argument about Iraq.

The Osterly Times--kel profiles key neo-conservative Jack Goldmith who resigned over Bush’s torture policy. Strange, but true--and a fascinating read.

Rhetoric & Rhythm--Mike Thomas finds that even if the GOP can ditch Bush for a better shot at the upcomiong elections, they can’t ditch themselves (and mike's got the dats to prove it).

Gun Toting Liberal--gives crying Bush a much needed hug, then starts squeezing.

Skippy--has assembled a melange of cool Pavorotti performances that the regular media just can't match.

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