Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Instahoglets September 4th 2007

By 5th Estate

Post-Labor Day edition ( some people don't 'wanna' go back to work yet--can't say I blame them).

PSoTD—The hardest-working, least vacationing nation doesn’t seem very grateful for their guaranteed Labor Day Holiday:apparently it could be better, for all kinds of reasons.

Whirled View –calmly dissects the monster Bush is trying to create from Iran, with a sensible suggestion on how to change the plot and a very bloody ending.

Middle Earth Journal—Ron Beas is somewhat encouraged by recent MSM reporting. Why? Let him explain.

Mahablog—incisive and chilling commentary from Maha, with significant excerpts from Robert Draper’s new book Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush.

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