Thursday, September 13, 2007

Instahoglets September 13, 2007

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re at war, people! Here’s a special Victory Edition of the Instahoglets roundup:

News From Over There
Main and Centrallurch provides two reports of an Al-Qaeda terrorist plot just thwarted in Vienna. Compare and contrast.

PSoTD—imparts a tale of Terror in The Skies! Umm…make that Hysteric In The Skies—With A Side-Order of Stupid!

We’re All in This Together!
Northman’s Fury—Reports on another reason why Bush doesn’t “listen to the polls”, and another reason why his “allies” shouldn’t listen to Bush.

World Gone Madbrian takes the long view regarding US relations with Pakistan and India and comes up with a short, snarky solution

The Osterley Times—The Brits in Basra might have thought they’d all be home by Christmas, but Bush and Brown may have different ideas for “redeployment”—to the Iranian border. (Add that to fears of the neocon plans for Iran).

We Like Ike! (But All We’ve Got Is Petraeus).
Unbossedsmintheus wonders why Petraeus seems more politician than praetorian, and what’s more, comes up with an explanation.

On The Home Front
Litbrit—The only person standing between “death-by-toy” and your kids, is Bob—“the small parts guy” at the US-CPSC. Un-f**king-believable!

Total Information Awareness—Eric (a Newshogger contributor) tries to get inside Bush’s head, via Robert Draper’s recent observations (from Dead Certain). It’s a bizarre read, but check out the comment thread—it will make you think (it won’t make you any less angry though!).

WTF Is It Now?—you may well ask! Something about weird critters; one being Joe Lieberman and the other being …well see the pic for yourself. (actually two posts that go together comiccalyy well).

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