Thursday, September 06, 2007

GOP debate review

by Libby

The one good answer that Thompson gave Leno last night was on why he skipped the debate and I agree with him on that point. I haven't watched any of the debates since the first one. I find the format irritating and uninformative. But while I was waiting for Fred's anti-climatic announcement, I tuned into the tail end. I caught Rudy answer the question about his personal life. Short version: FU (and that doesn't stand for Friedman Unit). My personal business is my own and don't you realize you're speaking to the former mayor of New York?

As for the gotcha question at the end about Iran, surprisingly I thought Romney gave the most tempered answer but they all basically said the same thing. Iran is the big boogieman and we have to stop them because they might take that one nuke, that they might possibly build some day and destroy the world. Well except for Ron Paul of course, who didn't exactly inspire confidence when he suggested he would have to ask Congress whether or not Iran is a threat. I know that's not what he meant but he definitely has a communication problem.

For what it's worth, I thought McCain had the best stage presence. Unfortunately that was nullified by the lunatic ravings that came out of his mouth. Romney looked nervous and defensive. Rudy looked irritatingly smug and the rest of them, well it doesn't matter. They don't have a prayer although Huckabee did alright for himself. I just don't think it's enough to get him to within reach.

Overall, I'd say, it's easy to see why Republicans are so depressed over their choices. It's a heckuva pathetic field.

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