Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dan Senor - NOT The Nostradamus Of Our Times

By Cernig

Look who is shilling for war now. That indefatigable shill for all things neocon, Dan Senor, once spokesman for Bremmer's Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq - now a foreign policy advisor to Mitt Romney and a hack for FOX News and AIPAC.

In an op-ed which entirely relies for it's credibility on his ability to accurately predict the motivations and actions of others, and which only identifies him as having once being a foreign policy advisor to Bush, Senor writes that Iran is hellbent on getting nuclear weapons so that it can have a free hand in exporting terrorism. In this, he takes Iran's wish for nukes as granted in his arguments, despite a body of evidence suggesting Iran has no such plans. His argument is that Iran's leaders are zealous enough to be willing to suffer utter extinction by nuclear fire and that the West's leaders (other than Bush and Romney, presumably) will stop short of using nukes in retaliation for terror attacks funded and directed by a nuke-owning nation.

So, just how good is Dan at predicting future actions and motivations?

Well, there's this:
“The document expresses great concern about our efforts to hand over sovereignty to the Iraqis. In fact, it explicitly says that once Iraqis are in control of their government, it will make it virtually impossible for the foreign terrorists to operate.”
And this:
"if there is an attack against Shiia leadership, or there is an attack against a Shiia holy site, the various ethnic leaders won't be easily drawn into reprisals"
And let us never forget this:
When CPA spokesman Dan Senor was asked if having forces from Kurdish and Shia militias operating in Sunni areas would run the risk of inflaming factional tensions--as some Sunni clerics had warned--he ducked the question, replying, "Iraqis want to serve in their country's security services as Iraqis--not as members of a former political party, not as a member of a former militia, not as representatives of a specific region, but as Iraqis. And those are the individuals that we will be recruiting and working with and who we believe are the future leaders of Iraq."
Hmmm, maybe we should be predicting the exact opposite of anything Dan says.

But...have you noticed that every argument the War Party makes that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, actively trying to kill US servicemen in Iraq and is trying to bring about armageddon in the service of a messianic return essentially boils down to "because that's what we would do in their shoes"?

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