Thursday, September 06, 2007

Catching up

Damn, I am gone for a week, and our content is extremely interesting, our traffic is up and we got a new colleague... I should do this more often. I just got back from a wonderful trip back to my family's home in Greater Boston. My wife and I spent three very hectic and tightly scheduled days basing out of a Marblehead bed and breakfast that we'll probably use again to visit my siblings, my parents and a lot of friends. The best part of the lots of friends visiting portion is that there are now a pair of infants in the group, and both little Joey and Ethan were absolutely incredibly adorable. Ethan will most likely be a wrestler as he has an incredible grip for a five month old. But I digress and I lack good starting material for a new post as I was on a de-facto news black-out except that which could be provided in twenty minutes on cable TV. So I'll do a personal punch post---

  • Two friends just got engaged
  • Two classmates from graduate school have had a kid
  • Another friend just got a great new job
  • An acturial error in my dad's favor means his full retirement age will probably move a whole lot closer than he thought it would have been
  • JetBlue's cheap flights are partially bought by being last in line whenever JFK needs to put planes on a ground hold.
  • I have been hearing good rumors that major liberal 527 groups will be heavily organizing and investing in PA-18, probably in support of Bethany Hafer
  • A major local museum is in serious but reasonably well hidden fiscal trouble.

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