Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bush bytes

By Libby

Draper's new book is a gift that keeps on giving. Think Progress digs out the lastest mindboggling excerpt.
Bush, for his part, was not disposed to second-guessing. Througout 2006, he read historical texts relating to Lincoln, Churchill, and Truman — three wartime leaders, the latter two of whom left office to something less than public acclaim. History would acquit him, too. Bush was confident of that, and of something else as well. Though it was not the sort of thing one could say publicly anymore, the president still believed that Saddam had possessed weapons of mass destruction. He repeated this conviction to Andy Card all the way up until Card’s departure in April 2006, almost exactly three years after the Coalition had begun its fruitless search for WMDs. [p. 388]

How scary is that? This is our president. Nobody is better briefed on the facts and he believes his own propaganda. I imagine he said something like, "Ya know Andy, if those useless SOBs had found the bleeping WMDs like they were supposed to, we wouldn't be in this mess."

But that's not all. TPM pulls this gem out of the previews.

President Bush on Iraqi independence and democracy ...
"[Maliki's] learning to be a leader. And one of my jobs as the president and his ally is to help him be that leader without being patronizing. At some point in time, if I come to the conclusion that he can't be the leader—he's unwilling to lead or he's deceptive—then we'll change course. But I haven't come to that conclusion. As a matter of fact, his recent actions have inspired me."

Apparently he also believes he's really the emperor. Can we call him delusional yet?

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