Saturday, August 18, 2007

Instahoglets August 18th 07

By Cernig

Something for the weekend?

Balloon juice - Tim F has a long, hard look at the Permission To Spy the Dems handed the White House and discovers just how much was handed over.

What next? Getting the clergy to calm the populace if Bush "has" to declare martial law? Seems so. (h/t Kat)

What's happening to Ayatollah Sistani's aides in Iraq? Murder most foul - and everyone's a suspect.

The Washington Note's Steve Clemons examines the neoconservatives' long-time obsession with bombing Iran - an obsession so deep they will undermine their own government's attempts to use diplomacy instead of war.

Mark Safranski, the ZenPundit and a moderately conservative hawk, joins in the blogging debate on America's nuclear policy - a debate bloggers are having because America doesn't have one and the think tanks (thinkers paid for by the folk who build tanks) don't want to have one. Cheryl at WhirledView sums up Mark's position and links the pieces of other contributions together.

Steve Benen on the unhinged radical Right's belief that the Mullahs Are Coming!!

Jules Crittenden - if your civil rights get trampled on, you should only get compensation if you're a Republican.

And if all that isn't enough check out memeorandum.

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