Sunday, August 26, 2007

Geiger bows out

By Libby

Bob Geiger recently turned 50 and is reassessing his priorities.
Based on such an assessment, I have decided to take an extended break from writing this blog and covering the United States Senate. In addition to needing time to consider where I would like to go from here in my writing career, I feel a real imperative to make my physical fitness and health a greater priority.

...We have much to do and accomplish in 2008 and, with the lack of newer, Progressive voices in the Corporate Media and the structural problems I see in the Progressive blog world, I believe I can better prepare to do my part next year by getting healthier and calmly, without the tyranny of daily deadlines, working with some trusted allies to find a better way forward.

I'm sad that he's shutting down his blog but I certainly understand the fatigue. I started blogging myself after I had already broken the half century mark. For me, blogging was a way to spread my thinking beyond the barroom stools where I was doing my pontificating. Ironically, in the beginning, it was my road to a healthier lifestyle. I stopped going to bars and spent my free time writing to wider audience instead of railing against the establishment to a select group of friends and aquaintances.

But after almost five years, the pressure of coming up with new content every day does take its toll, especially when confronted with the relentless malfeasance of this administration and their incomprehensible success in selling their false and destructive propaganda. It seems you can be too informed for comfort. The knowledge weighs heavily on my spirit some days and I also am concerned about the evolution of Blogtopia. Some days it feels like it's failing its early promise to change the establishment and becoming just another tool in furtherance of the status quo.

But then I look at the friends I've made through blogging and those bleak moments pass. We may not have changed the world, but we are making a difference and I'm not ready to quit the fight just yet. Losing Bob's voice is a sore blow, but I'm not convinced he'll be able to stay away. Many have tried before him and failed.

Meanwhile, I wish him well on his sabbatical. I signed up for his email group and look forward to seeing what new avenues for change he has in mind.

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