Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diebold is dead and gone

By Libby

Well technically, it's in name only. Brad blog reports the voting machine portion of the company has spun off and been renamed but Brad speculates this is just a prelude to full bankruptcy. One can hope.

I'm not one to wish ill on others, but after years of fraudulently claming the machines are secure, when they are in fact anything but, both physically as a unit and imminently breachable through the software, they should have been put out of business long ago, as in before the 2000 elections.

Brad revisits those fateful days that got us into this mess of a presidency and highlights an anecdote I was unaware of until now about their compatriots in fraud, the equally insecure Sequoia machines.
A devasting exposé by "Dan Rather Reports" aired on Tuesday night (complete video here) will likely make Sequoia even more difficult to unload. The investigative report detailed seven Sequoia plant workers who testified on camera, about a mysterious order to use inferior paper on the company's punch card ballots to be used in Florida during the 2000 election. As well, they were told --- despite the objects of the plant's quality control manager --- to change the alignment on the punch card chads being sent to Palm Beach County. Rather's report tested the inferior, misaligned ballots that were sent to the county anyway, in 2000, and found that "hanging chads" resulted on ballots that had punched through cleanly for years before the bad paper and re-alignment was forced by still-unnamed company officials.

One can hope those unnamed officials will someday be indicted and that Sequoia will join Diebold in the trash bin of history as the one of the greatest exposed frauds ever inflicted on our judicial system.

One also can't help but speculate whether these revelations have something to do with the spate of sitting Republicans who are suddenly retiring from politics.

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