Sunday, August 12, 2007

The dead tell the tale of a failed surge

By Libby

With the White House propaganda blitz already in full swing in anticipation of the expected Petreaus endorsement for sustained occupation coming in September, the favored talking point has been that deaths have been down in the last couple of months. That of course, is compared to only the last couple of months. Taylor Marsh looks at the long term numbers and posts charts easy enough for even a mathophobe like myself to follow that tell a much different story.

A month by month comparison from 2006 to the surged months in 2007 reveal that overall the death rate has risen in every single one of them and meanwhile, as you know, no political progress has been made on the government side of the surge strategy.

No matter what Petraeus tells us in September, which will certainly be that it just needs more time to succeed, by every reasonable metric the surge has been just as abysmal a failure as every other operation that was supposed to turn the corner for Iraq. The only question left is just how many Friedmans does it take to get the cowardly politicians and the loyal deadenders who support them to admit the cause is lost?

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