Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Coulter voter fraud case still alive

By Libby

I thought this case was dead in the water when Capt. Fogg told me her FBI ex-lover had intervened but Annie's little voting faux pas is not resolved yet. Fogg catches this item from the local news.

The Palm Beach Post reports today that FEC Case No. 07-211 is still alive and well and that Coulter is still under investigation. WPB campaign consultant Richard Giorgio has filed a complaint accusing her of false swearing and fraud to which Giorgio claims to have been an eye witness.

"This was willful. Anyone else would have been prosecuted."

Undoubtedly so and I have to remember how tens of thousands of people were turned away at the polls because they had been falsely added to the Felons list by the Florida Republican Machine. But this is a Red State and the law only applies to little people.

Coulter is refusing to talk. Her lawyer is refusing to talk and according to the Post the FEC could impose $2,000 in fines and refer the case to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or the state attorney's office for criminal prosecution.

Fogg rightly cautions us not to hold our breath. Her fate ultimately lies in the hands of GOP appointees but still, with all the witnesses she could be convicted. In a just world she would be treated just as harshly for her outright lies, as the ordinary Jakes that made honest mistakes. Granted it's unlikely, but one can dream of justice served anyway.

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