Thursday, August 16, 2007

An Attempt at Blogging

by shamanic

As bloggers go, I can't ever claim to be the most dedicated or diligent.

I spent last week in Austin at the National Poetry Slam, which was hands down the best week of the year for me thus far. There were amazing performances; both of my home town teams advanced to semifinals; and an Atlanta poet placed 3rd in the nation in the individual competition.

And there were the people. The Poetry Slam community is one of the most diverse and loving I am aware of, and I missed my Slam fam the second I left the pristine bubble of the host hotel. Only 51 weeks till the next Nats, in Madison, Wisconsin, next year.

Here's my culled-from-TV-news recap of the events of the week of August 6-12: a mine collapsed and many holes were drilled into the earth. Really, according to CNN and Fox, that's all that happened last week. I'm skeptical.

I arrived home to news that Karl Rove will resign his post as of the end of August. I worry that Cheney will no longer be restrained by anyone, but I haven't had a chance to really seek out the insights that would validate that view (or change it to a happier one). My long term hope continues to be that Karl Rove's GOP will wander in the wilderness for a decade or two or six until they come up with a practical set of policies for governance. "We hate everything", amazingly, doesn't work so well once a party is in power.

Tomorrow I'll board another plane to take me to California for the west coast memorial for my grandmother. I'll return all red-eyed at 6am on Monday. Maybe next week I can go back to being a blogger. And sleeping regularly. I can hope.

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